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I’ve missed blogging.

About 10 years ago, I was part of a renegade gang of Toronto fashion bloggers: the first in Canada. Fashion show publicists and producers debated whether our work merited press passes. We were thrilled to get standing room access. There were no influencers. We bonded over fashion blogger brunches. It was great.

I wrote the Toronto Fashion Incubator Diaries and a really fun fashion/fiction/reality/satire, Rags and Mags with the amazingly talented Danielle Meder.

Nathalie Atkinson (then at The National Post, now at The Globe and Mail) was the first to recognize the power of fashion bloggers. That was when Tommy Ton was pioneering street style at Jak & Jil. Nathalie called us iconoclasts. I loved being a fashion punk.

Then I got busy creating a couple of businesses and working in film and television.

But now I’m back - with a bog and a book about producing a fashion show “in the good old days” of the 2000’s. I can’t wait to start writing again. I’ve missed you.

Carolyn Rohaly