About Carolyn ROHALY

My parents told me when I grew up, I could be anything — as long as I was happy. So I always follow my dreams — and I’m the happiest person I know!

I’ve been an urban planner, fashion designer, international development worker, celebrity assistant (David Cronenberg, Rachel McAdams, George Stroumboulopoulos), talent manager, garage band rock 'n roller, publicist - and was even one of Canadaʼs first fashion bloggers! I love writing so much, I wrote a novel inspired by my experience volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week. After a chance meeting on a film set, Diana Ossana (writer and producer of Brokeback Mountain) became Military Chicʼs first champion, encouraging me to publish my manuscript. I live in Toronto, love dresses, glitter, detailed lists, clipboards, and know the vital difference between Champagne and Prosecco.



After volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week for four seasons, the backstage rush and outrageous industry rumours stuck with me. I knew I had an irresistible backstage story and had to write Military Chic. Everyone asks if any of the characters are real, so I’ll confess: Gigi LaFaux is basically me -- or the punky, perfect problem-solver I want to be. If Toronto fashion insiders see similarities to people they know, well... then they have stories to share too! I originally wrote this as a fun gift for the friends who endured Fashion Week battle with me. Then I met an Oscar-winning writer/producer who said it was perfect and it should be published. So here I am, releasing Military Chic for everyone who, like me, loves fashion and a great holiday read.



I want to write about things I love: movies, music, TV, culture, design, art, fashion, sewing, vegan eating, health & wellness, and reading (especially biographies - boy, do I love reading biographies). So yeah, I’ll be writing about that stuff because it makes me happy — and I hope it makes you happy too.